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Welcome To The Tundra!

Welcome To The Tundra!
American statesman Ben Franklin said, "Change is the only constant in life. Ones ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life."  Frost ISD continuously makes changes, large and small, to meet the needs of our students with the hopes of reaching our district's mission, "Prepare students to become more productive members of society who positively impact the world around them."  Among changes this year, we have converted the old cafeteria into three elementary classrooms.  For secondary, we have expanded our Culinary Arts room, and we also will have portable classrooms for junior high classrooms.   
About me...I grew up in Tornado Alley - Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.  I graduated from Bloomburg (TX) High in 1985. Bloomburg, population 425,  borders Arkansas and is 10 miles from Louisiana.  I graduated with a Associate's Degree from Texarkana College in 1986, and I earned an B.S. in Business Administration from Texas A&M - Texarkana in 1989.  While in high school and college, I worked at several jobs including being a construction laborer and a disc-jockey.  I changed career aspirations after graduation and earned a teaching certificate, and later a Master's Degree, from Tarleton State.  I joined the Frost High School faculty in the 1992-93 school year teaching U.S. History, Government, Economics, and World History.  I have been a member of Navarro College's Adjunct Faculty since January 2004, and I became FHS principal in January 2018.  This year I will teach U.S. History and Government, as well as continue administration duties as Frost's Director of Student Services.
The 2023-24 school year will be my 32nd year at FHS.  I still get revved up about teaching U.S. History!  We will learn about the people, places, and events that have shaped our nation into becoming a world leader.  We will pick up the American story from after the Civil War starting with western expansion across the Great Plains and proceed chronologically into the New Millennium.
Have a great year!