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Emergency Call-Out FAQs

Frost ISD

Parent Communications/Emergency Call-Out

We sent out two messages yesterday (October 13, 2022) to our parents and guardians about the school closure/reopening due to the water issue.

The first message did not call phone numbers, we just sent text and email. The second message sent text, emails and also called the phone numbers on file.

There could be several reasons that you might not have received a text message, email or phone call. We have a report that gives the contact information for each student and the results for each form of communication. If the information below does not address your concerns, please contact the school. 

  1. We do not have the correct information in your Parent Portal. You can go into the Parent Portal and update your information.

  1. You have been invited by text message, but have not opted-in to receive text messages. The information below will help you opt-in for texting

What is the number for short code texts?  87569

How does a person opt-in to texting?

They simply send the word “Yes” or “Si” to 87569

What if the person deleted the invitation text?

That’s OK, sending “Yes” to 87569 will opt them into getting messages even if the invitation hasn’t been sent yet. 

What happens if a phone number is in the list and hasn’t opted in yet?

Our system will first check if that number has been invited yet. If it hasn’t then the person will get the message the old way this one time (message will be truncated to 160 characters and it will not have a link to see more of the message) and then receive an invite to opt into future messages. 

If the invite had already been sent and the person had not sent the opt-in message they will not get the message you are sending.