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Frost ISD Campus Visitor Information

Frost ISD 2022-2023 Visitor Guidelines

For all students and staff safety, FISD will implement the following visitor protocol.  All visitors should arrive at the front office for check-in. If you are not greeted by a staff member, please ring the buzzer and staff will be notified there is a visitor.


  • Office staff will grant access to the front office for check-in.
  • Visitors will be asked to provide a valid, state/federal issued identification card, which will be scanned using our visitor management system, and to identify the purpose for their visit.
  • If the scan meets school/site criteria, the visitor will be allowed appropriate access after receiving a visitor’s badge.
  • All visitors must always wear their visitor’s badge while in the facility.
  • The visitor will be requested to return to the office to return their badge and check out when their visit is completed to be logged out of the system.


*For special events that occur during the school day such as pep rallies, assemblies, performances, etc., modified visitor guidelines will be communicated prior to the event by campus principals.