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Family Engagement

Frost ISD Pre-K

Family Engagement Plan

Frost ISD strongly supports and encourages building effective communication strategies and opportunities to connect with parents of pre-k students. 

(A): Facilitating Family-to-Family Support

At Frost ISD we invite families to participate in several events throughout the year. Participation may be meeting with other families, teaching students of one’s customs or helping chaperone events.

  • Meet the Teacher
  • Field Trips - Fire Dept, Pumpkin Patch, Zoo
  • Family Pumpkin Decorating Contest(meet and greet)
  • Open House
  • Grandparent Day
  • Field Day
  • Pep Rallys
  • End of the Year Awards

(B): Establishing a Network of Community Resources

Assisting with community projects allows parents to be made aware of resources within our community.

  • Pre-k Orientation
  • PTO meetings and activities
  • Can Food Drive
  • Lions Club - Eyeglasses
  • Chamber of Commerce Events and Activities
  • Frost Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Fire Prevention Week
  • Angel Tree
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Once a Polar Bear Always a Polar Bear Page

(C): Increasing Family Participation in Decision-Making 

We provide multiple opportunities for families to collaborate and assist in developing improvement plans and leadership skills.

  • DEIC
  • Parent conferences
  • Family Homework
  • CLI Parent Reports
  • Meet the Teacher
  • Open House
  • Quarterly Checklists/Report Card
  • Pre-k Registration
  • Parent Survey
  • PTO meetings 

(D): Equipping Families with tools to Enhance and Extend Learning

Numerous opportunities to volunteer, learn about child development, and how to assist students at home are provided throughout the school year. 

  • CLI Parent Report
  • Parent conferences
  • Volunteer Opportunities-
    • Snacks
    • Christmas Party
    • Easter Party
    • Apple Tasting
    • Field Trip Sponsors
  • Pre- Kindergarten Teacher Meet and Greet
  • Websites/Newsletters

(E): Developing Staff Skills in Evidence-Based Practices that Support Families in Meeting their Children’s Learning Benchmarks

Our staff attends multiple training sessions each year to better enable parents to bridge the gap between school and home. 

  • Parent conferences
  • CLI Parent Report
  • Region 12 trainings
  • Support student-parent relationship
  • Develop Effective Community Strategies

(F): Evaluating Family Engagement Efforts and Using Evaluation for Continuous Improvement

Using testing strategies, parent-teacher communication, and data assessment to continually improve our program. 

  • Parent conferences
  • Campus Needs Assessment
  • CLI assessment (BOY,  MOY,  EOY)

Frost ISD encourages all parents to join their students in striving for academic success. With your support, students gain confidence in taking risks and conquering challenges.