• Apply to College
    The application process to college can be somewhat confusing because schools have different admission protocols. The process can be as simple as filling out an application to one school or applying to another school that requires an interview, an essay, and recommendation letters. Understanding the type of college you wish to apply to will help you understand that specific college's admission requirements.


    Colleges are different according to their academic purpose and reputation. An 'open enrollment' college accepts all applicants with a high school diploma, while a 'highly selective' college restricts the number of incoming freshmen by criteria such as SAT/ACT scores, class rank, and may include further scrutiny by evaluating essays, recommendation letters and/or interviews.


    The advent of the "common application" is an attempt to make the application process a little easier. The state of Texas has a common application which allows you to apply to more than one Texas University by filling out just one application. Several Texas community colleges and private colleges have also partnered with the Texas Common Application (Apply Texas). Go to this website for the Common Application to all Texas public four-year universities


    Common Application to all Texas public 4-year universities