Human Resources

  • Employee Handbook

    Table of Contents 

    Employee Handbook Receipt 5 

    Introduction 6 

    District Information 7 

    Description of the District

    District Map 

    Mission Statement, Goals, and Objectives 8 

    Board of Trustees 8 

    Board Meeting Schedule. 

    Administration 9 

    School Calendar 

    Helpful Contacts

    School Directory 

    Employment 11 

    Equal Employment Opportunity 11 

    Job Vacancy Announcements 

    Employment after Retirement 11 

    Contract and Non-contract Employment 11 

    Certification and Licenses 12 

    Recertification of Employment Authorization 13 

    Searches and Alcohol and Drug Testing 13 

    Health Safety Training 14 

    Reassignments and Transfers 14 

    Workload and Work Schedules 14 

    Breaks for Expression of Breast Milk 15 

    Notification to Parents Regarding Qualifications 15 

    Outside Employment and Tutoring 16 

    Performance Evaluation 16 

    Employee Involvement 16 

    Staff Development 16 

    Compensation and Benefits 16 

    Salaries, Wages, and Stipends 17